Adequacy of social insurance programs (% of total welfare of beneficiary households) (World) - 2014

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* Data Description : Adequacy of social insurance programs is measured by the total transfer amount received by the population participating in social insurance programs as a share of their total welfare. Welfare is defined as the total income or total expenditure of beneficiary households. Social insurance programs include old age contributory pensions (including survivors and disability) and social security and health insurance benefits (including occupational injury benefits, paid sick leave, maternity and other social insurance). Estimates include both direct and indirect beneficiaries.
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* Countries with the highest value of "Adequacy of social insurance programs (% of total welfare of beneficiary households)" in the World (2014) : Turkey(231.586), Montenegro(53.6643), South Africa(44.2064), Colombia(38.2108), Mexico(37.1579), Bolivia(34.4445), Costa Rica(32.6505), Armenia(32.6428), Panama(31.4724), El Salvador(30.5212).

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