Coverage of unemployment benefits and ALMP in richest quintile (% of population) (S.America) - 2012

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* Data Description : Coverage of unemployment benefits and active labor market programs (ALMP) shows the percentage of population participating in unemployment compensation, severance pay, and early retirement due to labor market reasons, labor market services (intermediation), training (vocational, life skills, and cash for training), job rotation and job sharing, employment incentives and wage subsidies, supported employment and rehabilitation, and employment measures for the disabled. Estimates include both direct and indirect beneficiaries.
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* Countries with the highest value of "Coverage of unemployment benefits and ALMP in richest quintile (% of population)" in the S.America (2012) : Brazil(3.58408), Uruguay(1.34172), Argentina(0.920912), Ecuador(0.0918652), Bolivia(null), Chile(null), Colombia(null), Guyana(null), Paraguay(null), Peru(null).

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