General government final consumption expenditure (constant 2010 US$) (World) - 2018

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* Data Description : General government final consumption expenditure (formerly general government consumption) includes all government current expenditures for purchases of goods and services (including compensation of employees). It also includes most expenditures on national defense and security, but excludes government military expenditures that are part of government capital formation. Data are in constant 2010 U.S. dollars.
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* Countries with the highest value of "General government final consumption expenditure (constant 2010 US$)" in the World (2018) : Germany(753.093.000.000), France(700.928.000.000), United Kingdom(551.513.000.000), Brazil(440.062.000.000), Italy(416.099.000.000), Canada(383.524.000.000), India(304.540.000.000), Russia(294.928.000.000), Spain(, Australia(262.383.000.000).

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