Investment in ICT with private participation (current US$) (World) - 2022

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* Data Description : Investment in ICT projects with private participation refers to commitments to projects in ICT backbone infrastructure (including land based and submarine cables) that have reached financial closure and directly or indirectly serve the public. Movable assets and small projects are excluded. The types of projects included are operations and management contracts, operations and management contracts with major capital expenditure, greenfield projects (in which a private entity or a public-private joint venture builds and operates a new facility), and divestitures. Investment commitments are the sum of investments in facilities and investments in government assets. Investments in facilities are the resources the project company commits to invest during the contract period either in new facilities or in expansion and modernization of existing facilities. Investments in government assets are the resources the project company spends on acquiring government assets such as state-owned enterprises, rights to provide services in a specific area, or the use of specific radio spectrums. Data are in current U.S. dollars and available 2015 onwards only.
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* Countries with the highest value of "Investment in ICT with private participation (current US$)" in the World (2022) : China(1.668.990.000), Philippines(221.700.000), South Africa(198.450.000), Nigeria(100.230.000), Mexico(62.000.000), Maldives(30.000.000), Democratic Republic of the Congo(21.000.000), Jordan(17.590.000).

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