Total greenhouse gas emissions (kt of CO2 equivalent) (N.America) - 2020

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* Data Description : Total greenhouse gas emissions in kt of CO2 equivalent are composed of CO2 totals excluding short-cycle biomass burning (such as agricultural waste burning and Savannah burning) but including other biomass burning (such as forest fires, post-burn decay, peat fires and decay of drained peatlands), all anthropogenic CH4 sources, N2O sources and F-gases (HFCs, PFCs and SF6).
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* By changing the date from the drop-down menu, you can view statistics on maps since 2000.
* Countries with the highest value of "Total greenhouse gas emissions (kt of CO2 equivalent)" in the N.America (2020) : United States of America(5.505.180), Canada(677.709), Mexico(592.321), Cuba(38.558,7), Dominican Republic(37.052,7), Guatemala(33.165,7), Trinidad and Tobago(26.480,7), Honduras(21.147,3), Nicaragua(18.448,5), Panama(17.231).

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