Multilateral debt service (% of public and publicly guaranteed debt service) (World) - 2022

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* Data Description : Multilateral debt service is the repayment of principal and interest to the World Bank, regional development banks, and other multilateral agencies. public and publicly guaranteed debt service is the sum of principal repayments and interest actually paid in currency, goods, or services on long-term obligations of public debtors and long-term private obligations guaranteed by a public entity.
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* Countries with the highest value of "Multilateral debt service (% of public and publicly guaranteed debt service)" in the World (2022) : Afghanistan(100), East Timor(100), Somalia(100), Yemen(100), Botswana(94,8877), Suriname(94,461), Lesotho(93,7203), Liberia(91,1167), Nicaragua(86,0829), Moldova(86,0734).

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