Debt service on external debt, total (TDS, current US$) (World) - 2022

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* Data Description : Total debt service is the sum of principal repayments and interest actually paid in currency, goods, or services on long-term debt, interest paid on short-term debt, and repayments (repurchases and charges) to the IMF. Data are in current U.S. dollars.
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* Countries with the highest value of "Debt service on external debt, total (TDS, current US$)" in the World (2022) : China(428.041.000.000), Brazil(125.843.000.000), Russia(101.829.000.000), Indonesia(, Turkey(69.337.700.000), India(64.048.700.000), Mexico(49.693.300.000), Kazakhstan(44.185.600.000), Thailand(43.856.100.000), Argentina(33.879.100.000).

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