Travel services (% of commercial service exports) (World) - 2022

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* Data Description : Travel services (% of commercial service exports) covers goods and services acquired from an economy by travelers in that economy for their own use during visits of less than one year for business or personal purposes. Travel services include the goods and services consumed by travelers, such as lodging and meals and transport (within the economy visited).
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* By changing the date from the drop-down menu, you can view statistics on maps since 2000.
* Countries with the highest value of "Travel services (% of commercial service exports)" in the World (2022) : Maldives(95,9959), Saint Lucia(95,3405), The Bahamas(91,0456), East Timor(88,9946), Zambia(88,2411), Sao Tome and Principe(87,7723), Saint Kitts and Nevis(86,1009), Comoros(80,8256), Jamaica(80,6414), Antigua and Barbuda(79,8835).

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