Ores and metals exports (% of merchandise exports) (Africa) - 2022

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* Data Description : Ores and metals comprise the commodities in SITC sections 27 (crude fertilizer, minerals nes)
* Data Source : Worldbank.org
* By changing the date from the drop-down menu, you can view statistics on maps since 2000.
* Countries with the highest value of "Ores and metals exports (% of merchandise exports)" in the Africa (2022) : Democratic Republic of the Congo(83,1097), Zambia(74,5145), Zimbabwe(40,1849), Mauritania(39,4706), Madagascar(39,1648), Niger(32,2263), South Africa(31,545), Mozambique(30,5924), Togo(28,4433), Namibia(25,0769).

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