Food imports (% of merchandise imports) (World) - 2022

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* Data Description : Food comprises the commodities in SITC sections 0 (food and live animals), 1 (beverages and tobacco), and 4 (animal and vegetable oils and fats) and SITC division 22 (oil seeds, oil nuts, and oil kernels).
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* By changing the date from the drop-down menu, you can view statistics on maps since 2000.
* Countries with the highest value of "Food imports (% of merchandise imports)" in the World (2022) : Cape Verde(34,2479), Benin(31,4723), Antigua and Barbuda(28,2845), East Timor(28,17), Sao Tome and Principe(27,4517), Niger(25,592), Grenada(24,3491), Lesotho(24,0244), Mauritania(23,8872), Ethiopia(23,8029).

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