Bound rate, simple mean, primary products (%) (N.America) - 2020

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* Data Description : Simple mean bound rate is the unweighted average of all the lines in the tariff schedule in which bound rates have been set. Bound rates result from trade negotiations incorporated into a countrys schedule of concessions and are thus enforceable. Primary products are commodities classified in SITC revision 3 sections 0-4 plus division 68 (nonferrous metals).
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* Countries with the highest value of "Bound rate, simple mean, primary products (%)" in the N.America (2020) : Barbados(97,19), Saint Lucia(96,45), Saint Kitts and Nevis(94,74), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines(93,04), Dominica(89,68), Antigua and Barbuda(83,5), Belize(83,5), Jamaica(73,93), Guatemala(47,85), Costa Rica(43,83).

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