Informal employment (% of total non-agricultural employment) (World) - 2007

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* Data Description : Employment in the informal economy as a percentage of total non-agricultural employment. It basically includes all jobs in unregistered and/or small-scale private unincorporated enterprises that produce goods or services meant for sale or barter. Self-employed street vendors, taxi drivers and home-base workers, regardless of size, are all considered enterprises. However, agricultural and related activities, households producing goods exclusively for their own use (e.g. subsistence farming, domestic housework, care work, and employment of paid domestic workers), and volunteer services rendered to the community are excluded.
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* Countries with the highest value of "Informal employment (% of total non-agricultural employment)" in the World (2007) : Cameroon(79,21), Bolivia(76,92), Ecuador(75,49), Peru(71,81), Vietnam(65,63), Honduras(61,88), Dominican Republic(53,41), South Africa(51,92), Uruguay(42,04), Bosnia and Herzegovina(23,76).

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