Wage and salaried workers, total (% of total employment) (modeled ILO estimate) (N.America) - 2021

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* Data Description : Wage and salaried workers (employees) are those workers who hold the type of jobs defined as paid employment jobs, where the incumbents hold explicit (written or oral) or implicit employment contracts that give them a basic remuneration that is not directly dependent upon the revenue of the unit for which they work.
* Data Source : Worldbank.org
* By changing the date from the drop-down menu, you can view statistics on maps since 2000.
* Countries with the highest value of "Wage and salaried workers, total (% of total employment) (modeled ILO estimate)" in the N.America (2021) : United States of America(93,395), United States Virgin Islands(88,8487), Canada(85,659), The Bahamas(85,0796), Puerto Rico(82,4219), Barbados(80,7816), Trinidad and Tobago(76,2855), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines(74,6765), Costa Rica(73,84), Cuba(72,9942).

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