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AGA Hood Cleaning (Georgia)

When it comes to your kitchen exhaust cleaning needs, AGA Hood Cleaning is the company well-known for its utmost experience and professional crew in Atlanta, Georgia. Aside from specializing in de-greasing & cleaning kitchen exhausts, ducts, fans, plenums, and ducts, our commercial cleaning services and our company is NFPA compliant. To ensure that we meet our clients' standards, we utilize high-pressure steam washers and partnered with our trusted de-greasing products and agents.

We all know that grease build-up, dirt, and grime can cause a lot of problems when it comes to kitchen exhausts. Grease build-up in the kitchen exhausts can lead to odors from the grease build-up that can be dangerous to your health and can also affect the equipment's life cycle. Our company specializes in cleaning commercial kitchen exhausts using industrial high-pressure washers to remove grease buildup that has become stubborn and has been there for a long time.

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